LADS Network Solutions, Inc. (LADSnet) was founded in 1969 with a simple concept… create computer solutions that enable our customers to be an industry leader in their marketplace.

In 1985, a courier / same-day delivery company asked us to create a system that would automate order taking, dispatching, rating of jobs, pre-scheduling of jobs, billing, driver settlement and accounting. After a lengthy systems analysis the Local Area Delivery System (LADS) was engineered to meet specific departmental requirements.

Since 1985, well over $8 million has been invested in Research and Development (R&D) on the LADS solution. Today, LADSnet, currently supports more than 100 customers nationwide in the delivery industry and has successfully processed over 100 million deliveries.

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What makes us different

innovative engineering

Putting great ideas into practice quickly and affordably.

exceptional service

Rated number one in the delivery industry for the biggest heart and soul.

creative solutions

Through years of experience come clean and efficient solutions.

impressive results

Driving up productivity, reducing cost while improving on-time deliveries.