Optimized Logistics

Intelligent Computer Aided Dispatch

Complete more Deliveries,
Faster and On Time with Less Resources

If Dispatching is the core of your business then you owe it to yourself, your dispatchers, your drivers, and your customers to upgrade your technology to iCAD (intelligent Computer Aided Dispatch). iCAD’s unique algorithms puts your company in a Pro-Active Dispatch mode by suggesting the Best Drivers for each new job, and predicting the ETA of every stop for drivers, while alerting dispatch of Predicted Late Stops.

iCAD is revolutionary for dispatching same day/hour deliveries with less dispatchers, and less drivers while increasing dispatcher and driver efficiency and on time deliveries. Just imagine 1 dispatcher handling 90 drivers or more. Drivers love iCAD because it efficiently gives them additional jobs along their driving route and thereby saves them driving time, mileage and gas.

Put your dispatch center in a Pro-Active mode and watch your profits soar!

What makes us different

innovative engineering

Putting great ideas into practice quickly and affordably.

exceptional service

Rated number one in the delivery industry for the biggest heart and soul.

creative solutions

Through years of experience come clean and efficient solutions.

impressive results

Driving up productivity, reducing cost while improving on-time deliveries.

Increase Driver Safety
and Reduce Corporate Liability

An increasing concern in the delivery industry is Texting While Driving. Introducing JOBtrac, the first mobile app for delivery drivers that automatically Speaks Jobs to drivers. When a job is dispatched from iCAD, within seconds JOBtrac automatically speaks the pickup location to the driver. With a push of a button, the driver can ‘replay’ the message. JOBtrac is fully compliant with the US-DOT rules for Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV) for safe driving.

By using the JOBtrac, you are demonstrating that your corporation is concerned about community safety and are taking a pro-active role in reducing accidents due to texting while driving.

JOBtrac also provides complete job details, audible navigation to the pickup or delivery, barcode scanning of parcels, picture capture of damaged parcels, signature capture, GPS tracking and instant job status updates to iCAD.


Tens of Thousands


Hundreds of Millions




Back Office Software

Round out the most powerful dispatching system in iCAD, with the safest driver app in JOBtrac, with a complete back office software solution including address to address pricing of jobs, invoicing, emailed e-invoices, driver settlements, account receivables, collections, web orders and tracking for your customers, API to import and export orders, and management reports.

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